ClickyPanel – The Best Desktop Client for Clicky

Every webmaster understands the need for a good web analytics solution. Clicky Analytics  is one of the best web analytics solution around, which helps you analyze your web traffic in real time to make important decisions which can change the phase of your business. Clicky provides a nice interface for its web analytics solution but it is not complete without a desktop client such as ClickyPanel.

Clicky Panel is the feature rich windows dashboard for Clicky Web Analytics. This provides an easy way to analyse your traffic without living the comfort of your desktop. ClickyPanel uses the data collected by Clicky Analytics to present the data needed most in a simple way.

Using Clicky Panel you can view and analyze your site statistics of today, yesterday, last 7 days ,last 14 days and last 30 days at a time side by side using the easy to use tabbed interface. These data can be configured to update automatically in specific time interval from Settings Window.


  • Supports multiple accounts and multiple sites.
  • Auto refresh and option to set your own auto refresh interval.
  • Ability to export data to a file.
  • Multi Threaded hence fast and efficient.
  • Automatic Initial setup.
  • Easily customizable dashboard.
  • Easy to use account management.
  • Know the current number of visitors online.
  • A Dashboard which will show a quick overview in left side.
  • Easy to use interface.


Clicky Panel Screenshots

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                 As an Introductory offer we are selling Clicky Panel for $19.00 instead of $29.00

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A complete list of types of data supported by clicky panel is here

Change Log:


  • Fixed a bug which caused repeated dialog box to appeared when auto refresh is  enabled.
  • Some minor performance improvements.


  • Completely redeveloped from scratch.
  • Fresh new interface.
  • Loads of bug fixes a and improvements.
  • Site Manager.


Free Trial

You can try ClickyPanel free any number of days during which some functionalists are unavailable, you have to purchase a license to unlock all features.

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Download ClickyPanel Trial

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Clicky Panel is designed to be small, fast, and easy-to-use. But if has questions, we provide priority support to help you make the most of our software.
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